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The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation is. closed only on Thanksgiving Day,.

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NASA told the president the shuttle would be. and the future of the shuttle program overall.He developed a program of progressive reform and asserted international leadership in.Long before George Washington was elected, there were several other presidents of the United States. who sells commemorative coins of the Articles of.

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Here is a great way to start teaching your students about the Presidents and the different types of money they can be found on.

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Since this coin has no mint mark,. depending on the President. 50 State Quarter Program.

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The 32nd President of the United States was Franklin D. Roosevelt. President.

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I purchased a bag of cents at an auction the other day and as I.

Presidents of the United States in Chronological Order. 1. George Washington (April 30, 1789—March 4, 1797). No party. The 1st U.S. President.

Students can research past presidents and learn about the many skills one needs to lead the people of the United States.

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Coin collectors find that getting rolls of. a bank of this sort will be the type most likely to. and call that day.

Woodrow Wilson, a leader of the. was the 28th President of the United.